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The perfect accessory for my evil costume of evil. Bwahahaha! Did I mention that it's free?

Cover Art
Horrible Remote

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Release Date: Apr 03, 2009
Genre: Entertainment
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A brief update: I got a few of the things on my to do list done. Sort of. Laundry. Well, I have clean clothes for the week.  That counts, doesn't it? Posted pics of Worldcon, but still no real post about it. Hmm. Maybe later this week. Falcon Ridge pics? Ha! Still way too many to sort through. Maybe in a few weeks. Household chores? Don't make me laugh. I did get a big chunk of the yard work done though with a lot of help from my housemate.  There's still one corner that needs to be dealt with, but I think it can wait until this heatwave breaks.  So I feel like I accomplished something, but there is still lots more to do.

Now, off to the gym and then ruining it all by eating wings and drinking beer with a friend later tonight.

Here's some random stuff that entertained me today. Maybe it will amuse you too.

Encyclopedia Dramatica. Wikipedia with snark. From the ED's About page: "Encyclopedia Dramatica's purpose is to provide a central catalog for the e-public to view parody and satire of drama, memes, e-pals and other interesting happenings on the internets. The goal is to provide comprehensive, reference-style parody, to poke fun at everyone and everything on the internet."

Apparently Canadians are concerned about a zombie invasion. via [livejournal.com profile] cherylmmorgan 

Spoken word artist Alix Olson interviews Rachel Maddow for Velvet Park, a queer online magazine. via Geek Porn Girl

Good Show Sir. The worst sci fi/fantasy book covers. via The Guardian

LEGO pr0n!  Italianate rowhouses in Albany (just a couple of blocks from my office) recreated in LEGO blocks. via All Over Albany

Lightsaber Chopsticks! I totally want these, just because they are so utterly geeky.

You're still here? It's over! ...Go home.
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Update on the application situation...

...behind the cut to spare those who could care less about databases )

Moving on to happier, more vacationy thoughts. I have rain boots and sunscreen now for the festival. One wouldn't ordinarily think those two things would go together, but this is Falcon Ridge. It's always sweltering hot and it always rains. Still need bug repellent that won't give me cancer as soon as I touch the package. Going to go down to the festival grounds early-ish tomorrow to check in as a volunteer and sign up for shifts as well as pitch my tent, then it's back to Albany for work at job #2 and one last night of sleep in a clean, dry bed before music and mud. :-)

My must see events at the festival...

...also behind a cut to spare those who could care less about folk festivals. :-) )
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This was pretty much my day today. I rolled out not one but two application updates today. At first things seemed to go smoothly, in spite of the lackadaisical attitude of the dba I was working with. The database updates went smoothly. The executables were pushed successfully. No screams of protest from the users. Waiting... waiting... cricket... cricket... think I'll get lunch. Yep, that did it. It's like saying, think I'll take a walk on a cloudy day and leave my umbrella in the office. Best way to ensure a torrential downpour.

The gruesome details... )

In other, happier news, I finally got my volunteer confirmation from Falcon Ridge (Two days before the fest! Cutting it close much?).  I am working on the gate ticket sales crew which I think will be pretty cush so I'm happy.  I've got a tent and a bed and they're going to feed me most of the time so food is not a big issue.  I mostly just need clothes, sunscreen and bug repellent. And rain boots. And an umbrella. Tomorrow night - shopping for missing items and packing.
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So, in my last post I mentioned that I had an idea for an LJ icon that I wanted to make, with animations and everything. This is a rough draft of what I've been working on...

I don't remember how the original idea for the icon came to me. I may have just been looking at cool icons and thinking, I should try making one of those. I had just taken a zillion pictures (actually more like 1230, but who's counting?) of the Indigo Girls at a show last week in Northampton, so I think that imagery sort of coalesced with the whole icon idea along with the lyrics of one of their new songs, True Romantic (listen to it on Last.fm), which has been a recent favorite of mine.

More details below the cut... )

Yet to be done...

I'm thinking of playing with the size and color of individual words to suggest the same emphasis that is present in the song. As far as animating it, I could keep it simple and just have one full phrase fade into the next, but what I really want to do is fade each word in and then out and, ideally, time the fades to the tempo of the phrases in the song.

If anyone has any suggestions for tweaking any of this, I'd be happy for the feedback. Also, if anyone knows of any really good, detailed tutorials for doing what I just described in GIMP with GAP, I would be eternally grateful for any linkage you might be able to provide.

Oh, one more thing. This is a work in progress. Please don't take any of the images. (The best pics from the show will eventually get posted on Flickr.) When the icon is done, I will gladly share as long as you credit me.


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