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This is Kitteh. He is a VERY affection adolescent male cat who desperately needs a home!

He found us late Saturday night as we were coming home from the last Progressions show. He was very happy and excited to have found people that would pet him and hold him (and feed him). Even though he was clearly ravenous, he was more interested in being pet than eating. We could feel his ribs and he had burs in his tail so we believe he was abandoned by people who moved out of the neighborhood. We have made a little "house" for him on the front porch using a cat carrier (minus the door) and a bunch of towels to make it cushy and keep it insulated and we are giving him lots of food and water. He has made himself right at home but we cannot keep him.

I thought I had a home lined up for him, but that fell through so I am going to start calling no-kill shelters today to see if I can get him into one of the adoption systems. I am also hoping that one of the shelters will help us get really cheap or free vet care for him. He looks perfectly healthy but we don't know if he is neutered or anything else about his health. Only a vet can determine that and they cost money that we don't have right now.

Ideally we would like to find a home for him ourselves. If you are interested in adopting a very sweet, lovable adolescent male cat let us know and we'll arrange a meeting.


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