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Update on the application situation...

...behind the cut to spare those who could care less about databases )

Moving on to happier, more vacationy thoughts. I have rain boots and sunscreen now for the festival. One wouldn't ordinarily think those two things would go together, but this is Falcon Ridge. It's always sweltering hot and it always rains. Still need bug repellent that won't give me cancer as soon as I touch the package. Going to go down to the festival grounds early-ish tomorrow to check in as a volunteer and sign up for shifts as well as pitch my tent, then it's back to Albany for work at job #2 and one last night of sleep in a clean, dry bed before music and mud. :-)

My must see events at the festival...

...also behind a cut to spare those who could care less about folk festivals. :-) )
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This was pretty much my day today. I rolled out not one but two application updates today. At first things seemed to go smoothly, in spite of the lackadaisical attitude of the dba I was working with. The database updates went smoothly. The executables were pushed successfully. No screams of protest from the users. Waiting... waiting... cricket... cricket... think I'll get lunch. Yep, that did it. It's like saying, think I'll take a walk on a cloudy day and leave my umbrella in the office. Best way to ensure a torrential downpour.

The gruesome details... )

In other, happier news, I finally got my volunteer confirmation from Falcon Ridge (Two days before the fest! Cutting it close much?).  I am working on the gate ticket sales crew which I think will be pretty cush so I'm happy.  I've got a tent and a bed and they're going to feed me most of the time so food is not a big issue.  I mostly just need clothes, sunscreen and bug repellent. And rain boots. And an umbrella. Tomorrow night - shopping for missing items and packing.


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